This spooky mini-golf course is perfect for horror fans

FRESNO, Calif. -- For all you fans of spooky fun, here's a new way for you to spend a day out indulging in the macabre.

This horror-themed miniature golf course in Fresno, California, has everything from wisecracking skeletons to moaning mummies, cackling witches, and eerie ghosts.

In the midst of it all is a winding 18-hole mini-golf course that you play on as you make your way through a haunted graveyard.

"I always like to say that it's like a dark ride, and I use miniature golf as a vehicle to move through the ride.... As you're playing each hole, the skeleton's going to crack jokes at you, busts are going to sing songs, it's a real experience," says owner Daryl Coleman.

There's also an arcade-style gallery where you can get the thrill of shooting down mummies.

Everything in Ghost Golf has been built by Coleman himself and was once part of his elaborate front yard Halloween displays.

"I've always done this big Halloween display in my front yard and people would always say, 'Oh you should build a haunted house'.... So then I thought about how I could take all this stuff that I built in my front yard and incorporate it into the mini-golf course," he says.

"I was like 14 when I made my first haunted house... I think the reason I like it is because I like building mechanical stuff and Halloween is a great avenue for that," Coleman adds.

Coleman opened Ghost Golf in Fresno three years ago, but says business wasn't open for long before the pandemic changed everything.

"We were starting to get our name out there, and the pandemic wiped all that out," he says.

His business had to be shut down for 14 months, but it's finally reopened and he's trying to get the word out, hoping business will pick up in the lead-up to Halloween.

Coleman insists that despite its theme of horror, Ghost Golf is perfect for all ages.

"Yes, it's a spooky environment, but it's silly spooky... I mean, what other activity can grandparents play with their grandkids?"
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