Tommy's vs. Jerry's: The huge hot dog rivalry in Elizabeth, New Jersey

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020
Tommy's vs. Jerry's: A huge hot dog rivalry in NJ
Tommy's and Jerry's battle it out for New Jersey's best hot dog spots.

ELIZABETH, New Jersey -- Just like the old cat and mouse cartoon, the friendly rivalry continues in Elizabeth, New Jersey where Tommy's and Jerry's have battled it out for decades and crowned themselves as two of the state's best hot dog spots.

"Everybody loves hot dogs. But this is very unique here in Elizabeth. We have these two competing hot dog places. 70 years Jerry's. 50 years Tommy's," said David Strochak, Elizabeth Avenue Partnership Director.

In one corner, at Tommy's, clients can enjoy their giant Italian hot dogs served with their famous and freshly cut fried potatoes in a cup.

"We're famous for the Italian style hot dog which comes in a round bread called the pizza bread with onions, peppers, and potatoes. It's great and it's a whole meal by itself," said Tom Parrinello, owner of Tommy's.

For Cynthia Haze, a client of Tommy's who grew up in Elizabeth, NJ but no longer resides in the area, a weekly road trip to the stand is a must.

"I've been coming here ever since I've been able to eat a hot dog. It's a taste you can't resist. I love them. And their potatoes are to die for," said Haze.

On the other corner, at Jerry's hot dogs, clients cannot help but mention the homemade chili that adds a unique touch of flavor and sets Jerry's hot dogs apart from Tommy's.

"Everybody comes here for our homemade chili. We bought the recipe from the first owner and our hot dogs have a snap. It's been the same product all these years, "said Miguel Patrikios, owner of Jerry's.

"I've been coming to this Jerry's hot dog stand since I was 8 years old. It's not the hot dog that makes it so good it is the chili that's fantastic," said John Barra, a client of Jerry's hot dogs.

For David Strochak, choosing a favorite between the two is nearly impossible and recommends to anyone interested to visit Elizabeth and have a taste test of their own.


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