Happy Hot Dog Day!

ByHannah Gregg
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Meat the world famous dogs!
Chicago-Style dogs feature yellow mustard, white, chopped onions, sliced fresh tomatoes, a dill pickle, piccalilli, sport peppers, and a poppy seed bun.
Coney Dogs are beef and pork hot dogs served on a steamed bun and topped with a beanless, all-meat chili, diced yellow onions, and yellow mustard.
Dirty Water Dogs are famous from their toppings, which are mustards and onions that have been stewed in tomato paste.
Made of pork sausage, Kansas City-style dogs are nestled in a sesame seed bun and topped with brown mustard, sauerkraut, and melted cheese.
Michigan Red Hots are served in a split top bun and slathered in minced-meat chili. They are topped with raw onions and a generous amount of mustard.
Served in steamed, side cut rolls, New York System dogs are topped with meat sauce, mustard, chopped onions, and a dash of celery salt.
Maine's Red Hots may not taste all that different, but are known for their vibrant red color!
Seattle-style dogs are served with cream cheese and grilled onions on a toasted bun. They are served with a variety of condiments, but the fan favorite is Sriracha.
Hailing from the South, Slaw Dogs are weiners slathered with sweet, finely chopped, mayo-based slaw and has other tasty variations including chili slaw and BBQ slaw.
Sonorans are bacon-wrapped dogs are grilled and placed into bolillo rolls. They are topped off with pinto beans, chopped tomatoes, onions, mustard, mayo, and jalapenos.
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Happy Hot Dog Day!Meat the world famous dogs!
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Today is National Hot Dog Day, a time to be joyous and celebrate by throwing some wieners on the grill, inviting over friends, and trying some world-famous recipes. You can hold fun contests like who can eat a dog the fastest or maybe have an Iron Chef-style cook-off and declare a "King of the Grill."

America is home to a wide range of dogs, the gallery above shows some of the most famous hot dog styles. Now grab some friends and get your grill on!

What's your favorite style of hot dog? Let us know in the comments below!