Hotel Surplus Outlet is a bargain shopper's dream

LOS ANGELES -- When luxury hotels remodel, not everything ends up in the junkyard. Many fine pieces of furniture, art, and electronics get a second life at Hotel Surplus Outlet, a massive warehouse that resells them at bargain prices.

"We buy and remove hotel furniture for resorts and hotels when they undergo renovation," said Don Fenning, owner of Hotel Surplus Outlet. "Everyone's always keeping up with the other guy. So if a new boutique hotel opens in Beverly Hills, the other hotels in Beverly Hills are going to follow suit and they're going to renovate as well."

Items on sale don't just come from hotel suites but from lobbies and ballrooms as well.

"The prices and the uniqueness of the furniture, that's why I like to shop here," said customer Jeffrey Dedeles. "There are multiple selections from modern to vintage to mid-century."

"I love looking for treasures," said Christina Wall. "There are so many neat pieces that you're not going to find at a furniture store, because they were in these great hotels."

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