How police caught confessed murderer Stefon Jefferson after day-long Bay Area murder spree

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- According to documents released by Alameda County, Stefon Jefferson, 43, who is being charged in the murders of 3 men in the San Francisco Bay Area, has confessed to all three killings.

What follows is a general timeline of how the killings occurred gleamed from police scanner traffic in the 3 cities where he killed the men -- Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley -- before feeling the area. He was eventually caught near Lake Tahoe across the Nevada state line.

On Friday, April 26, 2019, police say Stefon Jefferson, 43, began a murder spree that would span the San Francisco Bay Area and end in a car chase just north of South Lake Tahoe.

ABC7 listened to audio from police scanners throughout the day to document how authorities were eventually able to capture the elusive gunman who they say brazenly left a trail of blood and heartbreak in his wake.

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It began around 10:15 a.m. on a cool and moderately sunny day in a working class residential neighborhood on Market Street in Oakland at Stefon Jefferson's mother's house.

In the driveway next to the house lay 57-year-old Marcus Jackson. He had reportedly just been shot by his relative, Stefon Jefferson.

An Oakland Fire Department dispatcher can be heard on the scanner, "Engine 8, I need you to stage. Report of a person down, bleeding, unknown what happened. PD is en route, 4100 block of Market Street."

A few seconds later, a police or fire official responds over the scanner, "Code three, medical for male, black, unconscious, not breathing (unintelligible). We're going to (unintelligible) additional units."

After speaking with witnesses on the scene, investigators immediately knew who they were looking for.

"The suspect is gonna go by the last name Jefferson, first name Stefon, DOB (date of birth) 1/6/76, male, black."

Jefferson was reportedly now on the run and making his way across the Bay.

About three hours later, police say he surfaced in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco.

Several calls were made to police after neighbors heard the sound of gunfire. "Another caller saying they heard a pop and there's a male on the ground in the middle of the street. Once again 2600 Arelious Walker Unit 2, (unintelligible)."

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Laron Davis, 49-years-old, lay on the ground bleeding and was transported to San Francisco General Hospital.

The victim's brother, Darryl Davis, told ABC7, "He was on the job taking the garbage out and the guy shot him."

Jefferson made his way back to the East Bay. The details are unclear how, but when he arrived at People's Park in Berkeley, he was in a late model grey Toyota Camry, police say.

According to witnesses, he walked over to Calvin Kelley, a father of four who was sitting at a picnic table and often played chess in the park, said something to him, and shot him.

"I recognized him and knew he was someone that had been at the park before. He puts the gun in his pocket and walks to his car that was double parked in the street and drove off."

Berkeley police and fire scanner traffic intensified.

"Be advised, looks like the shooter is gonna be a BMA (black male adult), 30, 5' 7" to 6 foot, small to medium dreads, no shirt," said a dispatcher. "Subject's vehicle is going to be a newer, gray Camry last seen eastbound Dwight."

Over the next few hours, police began solving the murderous puzzle, eventually linking Jefferson to all three shootings later that night. Meanwhile, an alert went out for Jefferson, who was now headed towards Lake Tahoe for reasons that are also yet unclear.

Around 9:45 pm, Douglas County, Nevada Sheriff's spotted the dark-colored Camry Jefferson was driving, and a chase ensued.

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"Suspect is being pursued by South Lake, just went through the casino. 10-4 eastbound 207, eastbound 207, (unintelligible) still pursuing."

According to local news reports, Jefferson fled reaching speeds of up to 50 mph on small mountain roads in the area, eventually turning onto Kingsbury Grade, which is also known as Highway 207.

The fugitive exchanged fire with a deputy. "Shots fired!" crackled the scanner. In a relatively calm voice, the dispatcher repeated, "10-4 shots fire."

Deputies performed a "pit maneuver," forcing the car to spin and stall. He was arrested without further incident, according to local news reports.

A deputy suffered a gunshot wound to his hand. Jefferson apparently also received a non-threatening wound in the exchange.

Deputies took Jefferson into custody without further incident.

"Units just information, the suspect is in custody. DCSO (Douglas County Sheriff's Office) unit has been shot in the hand and conscious breathing, tourniquet has been applied."

The man that had allegedly evaded authorities in three different cities had finally been brought to justice almost 12 terrifying hours later.

Jefferson will remain in Nevada to face charges of attempted murder of a police officer and eluding police. As of now, it remains unclear if he will be extradited to the Bay Area for the alleged murders in Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley.
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