Janet Jackson surprises superfan dad at Las Vegas concert

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Sons surprise dad with Janet Jackson tickets, run into star backstage
Two sons surprised their father with tickets to see Janet Jackson in concert and that wasn't the only surprise.

LAS VEGAS -- Keith Strawder has long had a celebrity crush- Janet Jackson.

On Father's Day, his sons Chris and KB surprised him with tickets to her concert in Las Vegas.

The show took place this past weekend.

After the concert, Keith was stopped in the hallway and asked about the concert.

"I've been a fan for years. Janet and I are the same age. Watching her as Penny on 'Good Times'..." Keith said, going on and on, as someone appeared behind him.

It was Janet.

He had no idea as he continued talking about the show, "It was fantastic. Just seeing her on stage..."

That's when Janet interrupted and put her arm around him.

"That's really sweet," the five-time Grammy Award winner said.

It took Keith 15 seconds to actually turn and look at her.

The pop star and her biggest fan hugged.

The two sons were determined to bring their dad to Janet after all these years.