J.J. Watt releases new shoes in honor of the Navy SEALs

HOUSTON, Texas -- Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt just released a pair of shoes this holiday season, with the money going toward a good cause.

Watt met a group of Navy SEAL widows in 2012, whom he says have become lifelong friends, and he wanted to do something to honor them.

Watt posted to social media Tuesday saying he wanted to create a shoe to honor the Navy SEAL community and do it as "authentically as possible," so he brought in a Navy SEAL to help design the shoe. It's called the JJ II Valor edition.

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"This is what we came up with. As you see, it's nothing flashy, nothing crazy. It's just what he wanted and there's many details of this shoe that are special to me," said Watt in an Instagram video.

Watt said all of the proceeds from the sale of the shoes are going to the Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Foundation. And for every pair of JJ II Valor shoes purchased on Reebok's website, the shoe company will be donating a pair of the JJ II training shoes to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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You can find a pair for around $100 on the Reebok website.

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