Actor Keanu Reeves spotted eating ice cream in Alameda

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) -- Actor Keanu Reeves was spotted casually enjoying an ice cream cone at a Baskin Robbins in Alameda on Monday.

The Canadian actor is best known for his roles in the action thrillers, "The Matrix" and "John Wick."

Video posted to Twitter by a user named Moy zooms in on the actor eating the treat alone. You can hear Moy and another person debating whether or not it was really him.

Sunni Alba works at the Baskin-Robbins and says she heard about the actor's visit to the store from co-workers.

"I think he got Pralines and Cream, that was the flavor," said Alba.

The pralines order was a very exciting discovery for Keanu fan Lalai Chisley, who stopped by the now-famous ice cream spot with her family.

"Oh! That's my favorite, I'm going to get it now!" exclaimed Chisley.

Parts of "Matrix Reloaded" were filmed in Oakland and Alameda in 2001.

The fourth installment of the franchise is scheduled to begin filming in February. And, the San Francisco Film Commission confirmed that they are working on permits for a production under the code name, of all things, "Project Ice Cream."

"We're all on the lookout, we're all on the prowl for him," said superfan Jimmy Hsu, who has been trying to track down Reeves with a group of Facebook friends in Alameda.

Hsu has a message for Keanu: "Please don't be freaked out. We just want a selfie with you!"

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