Coronavirus: San Francisco cannabis dispensary tries dry fog technology to kill COVID-19

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Friday, May 8, 2020
SF cannabis dispensary tries dry fog technology to kill coronavirus
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Fogging away the germs: San Francisco cannabis dispensary is taking extra steps to help customers, employees feel safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco cannabis dispensary is trying a new technique to keep the novel coronavirus away.

MediThrive in the city's Mission District had its store sprayed down Wednesday with a solution sold by a company called My Pure Environment.

"While we were doing Clorox wipes, gloves and face masks, anything above and beyond that is great," said MediThrive's founder and CEO, Misha Breyburg.

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The company says this treatment is good for 90 days.

"We fill any given space up with a fog. The fog is made out of hydrogen peroxide and parasitic acid and that is known and recognized by the CDC and the EPA to eradicate the coronavirus," said Anatoly Nazarov, a manager at My Pure Environment.

"The second stage is a silicon based antimicrobial. What it does is it molecularly binds to the surfaces and we warranty that for 90 days," Nazarov explained. "As we go, it kills the virus."

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Scientists are still debating the effectiveness of a spray on surfaces, pointing out most transmission of the virus happens from breathing in droplets. But Breyburg says the spray is worth trying.

"In a day and age like this, anything that can be done to help keep people healthy is a good thing," Breyburg said.

My Pure Environment has been around for about 13 years, but just started working in the Bay Area in the last 4 months.

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