Healdsburg residents return home after fire evacuations

HEALDSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- Healdsburg residents are back home and business owners say they are ready to open this weekend.

Even without gas, Healdsburg is not lacking any warmth.

Standing next to one another a group of business owners said, "We're home and we have each other."

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On Saturday, around 10:30 a.m., about 11,500 people who reside in Healdsburg were evacuated. On Thursday, many of them returned home and all with a fresh perspective.

"We're blessed to be here. Our small community of Healdsburg is stronger each day for what we've been through," said Karla Lippiancott, owner of Parish Café.

We walked around the downtown area with the Mayor of Healdsburg who said the Kincade Fire taught them several lessons.

"We have plans in place and those can always be updated and improved. Same with the evacuation center. Lessons learned. We had a group of farm workers who come in and they had been working in the vineyard and where they were sleeping was an evacuation zone," said Mayor David Hagele.

After six days of being evacuated along with Windsor and other communities along Highway 101, these business owners wants to celebrate life, community and their city.

"I did tell everyone who came in I'm going to open sparkling and we only open our sparkling three times a year. So, everyone got sparkling to cheer with eachother Healdsburg been open," said Serena Lourie owner of Cartograph Wines.

They also want the rest of the Bay Area to know one thing. That even without gas:

"The plan is that we are going to reopen these gates, we're going to light these lights out here and we are going to be serving our guest," said Will Seppi, owner of Costaaux Bakery.

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"The first person checking in with us is a person who lost their home and lost their life. They will be rebuilding with us," said Brian Sommer, owner of Hotel Les Mars.

Starting this weekend, many of the 40 tasting rooms, 60 restaurants, 25 galleries and 800 hotel rooms will be open. And in case you were wondering after the last three years of fire all these residents agreed on one thing:

Luz Pena: "We've interviewed several people who after the fires are thinking about moving out of their cities. Is that something that any of you guys are considering?

Healdsburg residents: "No!! This is literally the best place."

Gas should be restore by Saturday night in Healdsburg.
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