Famous SF bakery in the Mission District set to close next month

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- La Victoria Bakery has been a fixture on 24th Street in the Mission for 67 years. But, the famous Mexican bakery is set to close next month.

"We have puercos over here... they're gingerbread pigs," says Danny Gabriner who is describing all the pastries made in La Victoria's kitchen. Gabriner co-manages the bakery and was eventually hoping to buy La Victoria. He has a lot of history with the business.

He used to come to the bakery as a child and even founded his own sourdough baking business, called Sour Flour, out of their kitchen. But last week, he was told he needed to leave, so the building can be sold. "There's still so much uncertainty, that's part of the stress is trying to figure out all of the different possible plans of what might happen."

It's not just La Victoria that relies on the building. There are half a dozen businesses that lease space in the kitchen to cook and bake their food. And, those businesses have about 30 employees who are wondering if they'll have a job next month.

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"We're not going to have a kitchen to work out of anymore," said Phil Stefani who feels like he and the other small businesses are being forced out with nowhere to work.

For the past 7 years, Stefani has run various food businesses out of La Victoria's small commercial kitchen. Right now, he manages the catering for Sneaky's BBQ. But, he's not sure if he and others will survive, without their La Victoria leases. "The way things are going in this city. There's this property and then a cash grab and you know, screw the people inside the building."

"It's a pretty sad situation," says Jaime Maldonado whose father started La Victoria in 1951. But Maldonado says his stepmother and stepsister now control the building through a trust. Maldonado says there was a family disagreement and now the trust is selling the building. "I understand where everyone is coming from, it's hard to move on when you've been doing something for so long."

The businesses have been told to vacate the space by next month.

It is unclear what will happen to a jewelry store and barber shop who have separate storefronts in the building.

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