Passengers remain frustrated with LAX's new pickup system

LOS ANGELES -- Nearly a week after Los Angeles International Airport debuted its shuttle and ride-share pickup system, passengers continue to voice frustration at long wait times.

Long lines formed at the LAX-it lot as visitors waited for taxis and ride-share vehicles on a busy Sunday night.

"As we hit peak Sunday travel times, we are seeing increased passenger demand for ride apps tonight. Please be aware of longer wait times up to one hour currently as some ride apps may not have cars immediately available," the airport said on social media.

The airport later apologized for "lengthy wait times for some of the providers at LAX-it," and said it was trying to meet the demand for rides with its partners.

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Passengers attempting to figure out which line to get into was one of the main frustrations of the night.

Some passengers said drivers had difficulty arriving at the lot during peak hours because of heavy traffic. On social media, some claimed ride-share drivers shut off their Uber and Lyft apps and left the lot simultaneously.

Some ride-share passengers claim their wait time was close to 90 minutes.

"The apps for Uber and Lyft say like 10 minutes, but of course, with traffic, no one can get here," said one passenger from Houston.

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The airport provided updated wait times on Twitter for each service throughout the day.

LAX implemented new measures aimed at reducing chaos and long delays after travelers were outraged about getting stuck in a shuttle for nearly an hour on day one of the airport's rideshare ban.

New signs have gone up with bold letters and directions painted on the pavement. More shuttle buses have also been added to the fleet.

The changes come just days after the airport launched its new LAX-it lot Tuesday, which is the only place where passengers can now grab a taxi or get picked up by Uber or Lyft.

The airport has a fleet of shuttle buses to carry passengers from the terminals to the LAX-it lot, which are scheduled to arrive every 3-5 minutes during peak hours.
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