Livermore police chief urges Alameda Co. DA for tougher penalties against armed robbery suspect

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Tuesday, July 25, 2023
Livermore PD chief asks Alameda Co. DA for stricter sentencing
Livermore Police Chief Jeramy Young is urging Alameda County DA Pamela Price for tougher penalties against an armed robbery suspect.

LIVERMORE, Calif. (KGO) -- Livermore's police chief is speaking out Monday over his frustration for how the Alameda County DA is failing to respond to his letter asking that special enhancements be added in the prosecution of a violent offender who committed two robberies at a Livermore shopping center two months ago.

In May at Arroyo Center near Interstate 580, a 21-year-old suspect assaulted a woman with his weapon at a fast food parking lot, violently attacking her as she fought back, according to Livermore police. He then attacked a second woman and stole her purse at gunpoint nearby. Police tracked the suspect down using his ankle bracelet. It's a crime that terrorized residents in the suburban city according to the police chief.

"Once we investigated, we found that the person responsible was currently on parole for a prior violent felony involving a firearm and was wearing an ankle bracelet - GPS monitor when he committed these crimes," Livermore Police Chief Jeramy Young said

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According to Alameda County court documents, the suspect, Colby Berry of Fremont, is facing numerous charges including robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

His next court date is set for Aug. 11, which includes the possible revocation of parole and a diversion hearing that could open up the possibility of no jail time.

The police chief was upset that Alameda County's new District Attorney Pamela Price did not file sentencing enhancements against the defendant and wrote a letter to her on July 6 asking for accountability.

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"We found out enhancements weren't filed which is an important part of the case in my opinion and that's disappointing," Chief Young said. I feel like that puts our community at risk."

In March, Price altered the policy around charging enhancements requiring more approval before they could be filed. Price campaigned and was elected in 2022 on a platform of taking steps to end mass incarceration to address racial imbalances in the justice system. Monday afternoon, Pamela Price released a video statement. She said " While there may be some people who disagree with our evaluation of the evidence, or analysis of the facts of the case, or our decisions, they are ours to make. We are the lawyers for the people."

For now, the suspect remains in the Santa Rita jail.

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