What is a Localish Legend?

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Sunday, April 11, 2021
What is Localish Legend?
What is a Localish Legend? They are mothers and fathers, loved ones and family, strangers and friends you just haven't met yet. Anyone can be a Localish Legend!

NEW YORK -- What is a Localish Legend? We all know them: The heroes and the weirdos. The icons and the iconoclasts. The beloved classics and the outlandish innovators. The unforgettable, undeniable, unbelievable people and places whose reputations precede them.

They are mothers and fathers, loved ones and family, strangers and friends you just haven't met yet. Anyone can be a Localish Legend, as long as they live their life LEGENDARILY!

In this episode, we meet 5 legendary individuals, from an Olympic high diver making a splash for the environment, to Houston's iconic Queen of Commercials and even a competitive eater taking on her most difficult challenge yet they may all be different, but each is extraordinary in their own way. Only one will be named this week's LOCALISH LEGEND!

Click the link and watch the video of your favorite Legend below to vote. The more views, the greater the chance they have of winning!

Competitive Cliff Diver Makes a Splash for the Environment

As a professional diver, Ellie Smart traveled to some of the world's most beautiful places to compete. But when she noticed these places were being overrun by trash, she started the 'Clean Cliffs Project' to help prevent plastic pollution and inspire others to take action.

This woman is saving our planet, one cliff dive at a time!

Philadelphia's Favorite Trashman Cleans Up Communities on His Days Of

Terrill Haigler spends his weekdays combing the streets of Philadelphia and hurling waste into trash trucks. But even on the weekends, this city's most legendary trash man spends his free time cleaning up communities.

Philadelphia's "favorite trashman," Terrill Haigler, has a mission that extends far beyond his pick-up route.

Meet Houston's Queen of Commercials

From scuba diving beneath the sea to jumping out of airplanes, nothing is too over-the-top for this furniture shop

owner, matriarch, and fearless woman known by many in the Houston area as the legendary Queen of Commercials.

She's best known for her unforgettable TV commercials, filmed everywhere from a ski slope to under the sea! Meet Houston's 'queen of commerials'.

New York City's 'Mother Pigeon' Wants to Tell You About Pigeon Religion

While most New Yorkers call pigeons pests, Tina Piña Trachtenburg calls them friends. As an artist, musician, and advocate for her avian friends, her love and passion for these misunderstood creatures is simply legendary.

Meet the Pigeon Lady of New York!

Competitive Eater Takes on Insane 7lbs Burrito Challenge

Raina Huang may be tiny, but that doesn't stop her from taking on America's craziest food challenges. From massive 7lbs burritos to epic seafood feasts, this legendary competitive eater will take on any food challenge, any time, anywhere.

Can competitive eater Raina Huang eats a 7lb burrito?

Tune in next week to meet an all-new cast of nominees all hoping to win the title of the ultimate LOCALISH LEGEND!