Captured: Loose bull tranquilized after invading Prospect Park in Brooklyn

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Bull on the loose near Prospect Park in Brooklyn
Watch live news coverage as emergency crews tried to corral a bull that was on the loose in a park in Brooklyn.

PROSPECT PARK, Brooklyn -- A loose bull that caused quite the commotion after wandering through a park in New York City's Brooklyn borough has been captured.

First identified as a cow, the bull was cornered while running around the soccer fields on the south side of Prospect Park.

It then continued to roam through the field, as a large crowd gathered outside a fence.

VIDEO: Watch highlights of the bull's run here:

Watch some highlights of a loose bull that roamed through Prospect Park in Brooklyn Tuesday.

Animal officials eventually tranquilized the bull took it away from the park, after several hours of trying to corral it.

There's no word yet how the bull got loose, or what will happen to it now.

Multiple people spotted the bull as it started its journey through the area:

FDNY officials said a child who was in a stroller was injured when the bull apparently knocked the stroller over. It happened near Park Circle and Prospect Park Southwest.

The child was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. It's not clear how seriously the child was hurt.