Meadowood in Napa Valley elevates the standard of hospitality

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Meadowood elevates the standard of hospitality
Rooted deeply in Napa Valley history, culture, and heritage, Meadowood Napa Valley welcomes guests into a flourishing way of life.

NAPA VALLEY, Calif. -- Enter a world of imaginative recreation and respite. Meadowood is a 250-acre estate that invites guests into the family and community life of the Napa Valley.

"We have many members and guests who have been coming here for decades, knowing that it's very private, it's very secluded," said Amanda Harlan, the Director of Communications at Meadowood. "I know that you're going to have unparalleled hospitality experience."

Meadowood is the only property in Northern California to receive Forbe's five-star recognition for both the hotel and spa. It's an unforgettable place for rest, contemplation, and reflection.

"You almost wouldn't need to leave property to taste wines, or exercise, or just wander around," said Patrick Nayrolles, the General Manager at Meadowood. "Today we're the only hotel in Northern California that has both five stars for the spa and five stars for the hotel."

The property is also home to a wine center. Where you can explore wine fundamentals and rich history in traditional classroom-style experience.

"Back in the 80s, we started a wine school here," explained Harlan. "Guests and members can come and take classes on all kinds of topics surrounding the world of wine, Napa Valley, and other wine growing regions."

After class, unwind at unique spa experiences like the Treehouse Retreat.

"It's a beautiful open-air suite, we have a gorgeous, hand hammered copper tub," said Jennifer Brunetti, Meadowood's Spa Director. "We have some very special soaking treatments that you can book in that can see the beautiful trees that you know are right outside of the space, and it's just very peaceful."

"Since its inception, we have had people's weddings here in the past...we've had children taking their first steps here," Harlan added. "It is a place for not only continuing tradition but beginning traditions within families."

Enriching possibilities for family fun and relaxation abound at Meadowood. For more information, visit here.