Nurse helping COVID-19 patients sent family reassuring video message hours before he died of virus

The family's message is to remind people that this virus is real, and wear a mask.

ByNathalie Granda KGO logo
Friday, November 13, 2020
The cruelty of COVID-19: Nurse sends Valley family reassuring video message hours before losing his life
A Madera family is mourning its relative, a nurse in Mexico, whose last heartbreaking words before he died of coronavirus are going viral.

MADERA, California -- Mexico is getting hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 10,000 cases in just the past day, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Sergio Hernandez was one of those on the frontlines battling to try and save those who contracted COVID-19.

But that battle came to an end when the virus he was fighting took his own life.

"Because I will come back, this is not a goodbye. I am sure I will come back after a few days." These were some of the last words Hernandez recorded before he lost his short battle with the virus.

"I want that, no matter what happens, and the prognosis that God has reserved for me, you always remember me for who I was and who I am," he said in the message.

The 28-year-old frontline worker died just hours after recording the video and being intubated from the virus.

His heartbreaking video has gone viral since his death last Friday.

Hernandez leaves his young son and close family behind in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, but many of his other relatives live in California.

His cousin, Adalberto Hernandez, says Sergio's sister also died from COVID-19 at 30 years old, just a few months ago in August.

Their parents and other relatives also contracted the virus, but recovered.

"It tears you apart... someone who's young with his own children, and was helping people, no health complication, young, strong, full of life. It took him in eight to 10 days after testing positive," Adalberto said.

Adalberto says his family in Mexico is now left with heartbreak and thousands of dollars of debt.

The family has sold nearly everything they own, struggling to survive.

"The family is about $50,000 in debt just from having the entire family in the hospital, the funerals," he says.

They're now hoping to raise money to alleviate the burden, and make sure Hernandez's young son is taken care of after losing his father.

Adalberto says it's too risky to travel or go to the funeral as some of the family is still sick.

All they have as they mourn is Hernandez's final message of hope that will now serve as his final goodbye.

The family's message is to remind people that this virus is real, and wear a mask.

They never thought their family would be devastated by this virus until it happened.

Hernandez's family started a GoFundMe page.