Smart wristband lets you notify your boss when feeling happy or sad

There's the Apple Watch and the Fit-Bit, but an emerging smart wristband lets your employer track your emotional state, as the coronavirus pandemic has led to lots of remote work, and less in-person contact in the workplace.

It's called the Moodbeam One.

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It has two buttons - You press the yellow one if you're happy, and the blue one if you're sad.

The information goes to your manager in real-time.

Moodbeam is billing this as a way for bosses to be able to check-in on the wellbeing of their staff who are working from home.

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The company says it started out as an anonymous system, but after lots of testing, they realized most people want to be identified when they send their mood.

Some of its other features are that it's waterproof and has a five-day battery life, according to the website and also can perform as a step counter.

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