Thorsson and Associates brings ideas to life

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Local workshop gets props for their incredible costumes and creations
Shawn Thorsson and his talented team bring people's ideas and dreams to life.

PETALUMA, Calif. -- If you have ever dreamed about pretending to be your favorite superhero or video game character, Thorsson and Associates, a custom fabrication shop, can help make your dream come true.

"What it is I do for a living," Thorsson and Associates owner Shawn Thorsson shares, "I make props and costumes." Thorsson and his talented team use creativity and technical excellence to design incredibly detailed, screen accurate pieces.

"If I can make something look like it just walked off the screen, then mission accomplished," Thorsson explains. In fact, Throsson's work can been seen in both major television programs and films.

Growing up with Star Wars as a kid, Throsson immediately found inspiration. "That was, of course, a huge influence," Thorsson adds, "anything and everything science fiction, fantasy, all that sort of stuff."

The workshop was born from Thorsson's hobby of making his own Halloween costumes."I started doing more and more elaborate Halloween costumes every year and along the way, people started asking me to make stuff for them too," Thorsson recalls.

Today, his scope of work is not limited to just media. The workshop helps bring people's ideas to life. Thorsson has produced fashion accessories, custom car parts, public art displays, miniatures for bonsai trees, and of course, pieces for collectors.

"All of these things, it's something that I never would have expected," Thorsson says, "but it turns out we do that for a living too."

Aside from creating amazing work, one of his greatest rewards is the camaraderie he shares with his team."There's a rare week that I don't end up laughing to the point of tears with the people I am working with and then, at the end of it, we get to see things on screen, or on stage or whatever, that we can be really proud of."

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