DroneView7 shows beautiful Napa after wildfires

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- DroneView7 was up early this morning to catch an amazing view of the Napa Valley. We tagged along on this particular hot air balloon because we wanted to remind you how beautiful Napa can be this time of the year. And despite being singed by fires, the vast majority of the valley is open for business.

Before the sun even poked over the Napa Valley, DroneView7 spotted light -- hot air balloons getting ready to take tourists across the nation's premier wine growing region.

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"It's the best way to see the Napa Valley," said Gabe Gundling with Napa Valley Balloons. "From the air, it is absolutely spectacular."

Napa looks mostly like it always has, but the widely publicized fires have put a dent in tourism.

"We've noticed a little bit of a drop off," said Gundling. "What's most interesting is talking to guests that are from outside of the area who are talking to family and friends and everybody is trying to convince them not to go to Napa."

DroneView7 was over the Silverado Country Club earlier this week. It was one of the hillside communities hit hardest by the fires.

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Though the fires damaged a handful of wineries, the vast majority of the Napa Valley is untouched.

"I thought it was absolutely beautiful," said North Carolina resident Mimi McLaughlin. "The valley is clear, the weather is perfect, you could see for miles."

McLaughlin was watching news reports carefully, but decided to keep her plans to visit Napa.

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"There's a certain amount of guilt you feel coming to a place that has been so hard hit by tragedy," she said. 'But I think right now, what they need is the tourism."

Locals like Mackenzie Magro agree.

"We need the tourists to come out here," said the Napa resident. "It's gorgeous. Get out here, the air is clear, come back and support us. If you can do anything, come back support the industry."

Gundling adds, "You can visit the Napa Valley, have a wonderful time, and really not know that there was a fire."

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Written and produced by Ken Miguel.
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