Netflix introduces new audio-only option for binging your favorite shows on mobile

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Thursday, December 17, 2020
Netflix tests new audio-only option to binge shows on mobile
Netflix is hoping to expand its video streaming empire by reportedly testing an option on Android devices that lets viewers watch and binge their favorite shows with the sound only, akin to podcasts.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Netflix has a new idea to try and expand its already-massive video streaming empire.

The company has reportedly been testing an audio-only option for the mobile app version of its streaming service, according to Variety.

Netflix has been workshopping the function solely for the Android platform for now, allowing subscribers to deselect the video for any show.

By giving users the option of listening to the audio of a movie or TV show in the background, Netflix could advertise it as a way to hear your favorite shows in podcast form, binge them while you drive, or just save the amount of data being used.

So far, no official word from Netflix on any potential rollout date, as the function is only in its very early stages.