Southern California triplets accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Southern California triplets accepted to MIT
Triplets from Newport Beach are used to drawing attention, but fellow students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be doing a triple take this fall.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- This year's acceptance rate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was just under eight percent, continuing to make it one of the most selective universities in the country.

The small percentage makes Claire, Edward and Christopher Goul all the more incredible. The triplets from Newport Beach will attend MIT this fall.

"To have two other people that I've lived with my whole life that I can go to if I have any problems will be really helpful I think," Edward said.

Their grandfather taught at MIT, but all three say they fell in love with the school on their own. They say all of them getting accepted was a surprise.

"He was also pretty excited, and it was a really great moment," Claire said.

The three seniors will graduate from Sage Hill School next week. While they excelled in class, they also found time to succeed in other areas - each competing in a varsity sport among other activities.

"Doing some sort of internships, just like getting more hands-on experience outside of the classroom, which I think really made a difference in us getting in," Christopher said.

Claire, the second born, will be speaking at commencement and her message for the other students is very simple: "Just relax, have fun and do what you love."

The three best friends say it'll be nice to have each other close, but it'll also be nice to give each other some space.

"Once every few months or so, maybe, or a week, I don't know, I don't know, we'll see each other," Claire said.

Stuart Schmill, MIT's dean of admissions, says remarkably this is not the first time triplets will attend MIT, but that it's extremely rare.