Powerful photographs from Ferguson, Mo. protests

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Thursday, August 14, 2014
August 13: A protester kicking a smoke grenade that had been fired at him by police.
August 13: A device deployed by police lands in the street.
August 13: A man peers through the haze of smoke during the clash between protesters and police.
August 13: A St. Louis County Police Department officer points his weapon at Ferguson protesters.
August 13: Police attempting to secure a street after facing protesters.
August 13: An explosive device fired by police soars through the air as they clash with protesters.
August 13: A man tries to calm down a group of protesters.
August 11: Police in riot gear approach a man with his hands raised over his head.
August 11: A mother holds her 6-year-old daughter while police stand guard.
August 13: Police trudge through a cloud of smoke .
August 13: A community activist tries to reason with a group of protesters.
August 13: A protester kicks back a smoke grenade fired at him by police.
August 13: A person runs through smoke deployed by police.
August 13: Police continue to advance through smoke
August 13: A small dog standing in front of police in riot gear.
August 11: Police stand outside of a convenience store that was looted and burned in the wake of Michael Brown's shooting.
A man takes measurements for windows of a Taco Bell that wasdamaged during riots and looting after the death of Michael Brown.
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Powerful photographs from Ferguson, Mo. protestsAugust 13: A protester kicking a smoke grenade that had been fired at him by police.
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Another night engulfed with tear gas and fire as protests over Michael Brown's death by police shooting on August 9th continue to rage on. Reports of looting and police firing tear gas at angry demonstrators continue to emerge, with the St. Louis Police Department even arresting journalists. And as police officials refuse to name the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, tensions only grow.

With so much news over Iraq, Israel/Gaza and other international conflicts around the globe, it's sometimes hard to remember that the U.S. can still be a hotbed for violent protests as well. Check out the powerful images from the St. Louis suburb that paint a troubling picture of a town that is being treated like a war zone.