Powerful photographs from Ferguson, Mo. protests

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Thursday, August 14, 2014
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August 13: A protester kicking a smoke grenade that had been fired at him by police.
Jeff Roberson / AP

Another night engulfed with tear gas and fire as protests over Michael Brown's death by police shooting on August 9th continue to rage on. Reports of looting and police firing tear gas at angry demonstrators continue to emerge, with the St. Louis Police Department even arresting journalists. And as police officials refuse to name the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, tensions only grow.

With so much news over Iraq, Israel/Gaza and other international conflicts around the globe, it's sometimes hard to remember that the U.S. can still be a hotbed for violent protests as well. Check out the powerful images from the St. Louis suburb that paint a troubling picture of a town that is being treated like a war zone.