San Francisco police investigating threat against officers

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Just days after a man was arrested for making death threats against San Francisco's acting police chief, someone is saying they'll pay money for anyone who shoots an officer.

Ingelside is the largest police station in San Francisco with about 100 officers. Police officers from the station are on heightened alert after leaning Thursday that someone claims to be putting a bounty on their heads.

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"Last night around 9:45 p.m., Ingleside station received a phone call from an unknown male, saying he's offering $15,000 to anyone for shooting an Ingleside police officer, or any officer," said San Francisco police Officer Giselle Talkoff.

Investigators are trying to determine the credibility of that and a similar call early Thursday morning.

"I have it in the back of my mind, but I'm not too worried that it's going to stop me from doing my job," Ingelside police Officer France Conceicao said.

Conceicao used to ride alone, but has been assigned a partner ever since the fatal shootings of police in Dallas.

"Everybody's vigilant, so at this time we're not overly worried," said Ingelside police Officer Richard Morgante.

The captain says more cars will now roll as back up because his officers are being targeted.

"It's just even more of a catalyst where we have to look at it and say be very careful out there, look at what's going on, especially these ambush kinds of situations," said Ingelside police Capt. Joe McFadden.

Ingleside is mayor Ed Lee's home station, and he dropped by today to signal his support.

"Officers are placed in very stressful situations. I just want to let them know I recognize that," said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.
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