Trump Says He Could Grab Rubio 'Like Nothing'

Saturday, March 5, 2016

For Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, invocation of Trump's hands has become the bizarre gift that keeps on giving.

First Rubio made fun of Trump's small hands, alluding to other, ahem, small parts, then, last night during the latest GOP debate, Trump assured the Detroit crowd that "there is no problem."

And now, the GOP front-runner has made his hands into a verbal meme once more -- except this time, no innuendo, just hypothetical assault, or rescue, depending on how you read it.

While speaking to supporters at a rally Friday afternoon here in Cadillac, Michigan, he was describing Rubio during the GOP debate in New Hampshire as he sustained attacks from New Jersey Gov. (and new Trump supporter) Chris Christie.

Trump invoked the unusual way in which Rubio continued to repeat the same phrase, repetition that earned him the unfortunate moniker, "Robot Rubio."

"I never saw, I'm standing here and I'm looking at Marco and I'm saying 'Is he ok?'" Trump began.

He went on to express the concern he felt when Rubio repeated himself a fifth time.

"The fifth time and I thought he was going down for the count and I was ready to go, cause I wanted to show off, you know, what a good athlete I am," Trump said.

The businessman went on to describe the things his hands could do to the Florida senator.

"I wanted to show the size of my hands how I could grab him. How I could grab him. I could grab that guy like nothing. Boom. Hold him up. And I didn't want him to get hurt hitting his head when it went down," he added.

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