Vallejo home red-tagged after tree falls displacing residents

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- A Vallejo family was forced from their home overnight after it was hit by a big tree.

A huge oak scared the family when it fell onto the home early Tuesday morning. They were asleep inside at the time and thought it might be an earthquake.

"When the first branch hit it shook the house, we got up, check the floors make sure no glass on the floors," said Veronica McElroy, the homeowner.

When they looked outside they found the tree they had always worried about. A few years ago they looked into having it removed.

"It was a bunch of red tape and a lot of hoops to jump through and money, so we decided to deal with it later and here we are 11 years later and it is finally falling," said McElroy.

The tree did not break through the home, but officials have red-tagged it until they can get the tree removed and have it inspected.

A tree company came out first thing Tuesday morning to start removing it so they could see the damage.

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"It's extremely stressful I've been up since 2:13 this morning, I want to go to sleep but I know I can't, I'm just sitting here waiting," said McElroy.
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