Six months after North Bay fires, Coffey Park rises from ashes

SANTA ROSA, Calif. -- When devastating wildfires swept through the North Bay last October, one of the hardest hit neighborhoods was Coffey Park in Santa Rosa.

Four people died and more than 1,200 homes were destroyed. Many residents said it looked as if a bomb went off.

Dozens of homeowners put their property up for sale, but many more are vowing to stay. They even held holiday celebrations on their burned lots.

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Six months after the disaster the city of Santa Rosa's data tracking map showed 38 Coffey Park homes under construction and 32 more with all the permits to begin building.

The ABC7 News team has been following the Coffey Park progress from the start, as residents sift through ashes and bureaucracy. Check out this video of the many milestones, good and bad, over the past half year.

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