'We know we have it': Oakland A's Matt Olson talks 2020 season, World Series aspirations

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
'We know we have it': Oakland A's Matt Olson talks 2020 season hopes
First baseman for the Oakland A's Matt Olson has high expectations for his team in the 2020 MLB season and says anything less than a World Series win, "We aren't going to be satisfied."

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Expectations are high for the Oakland A's after back-to-back 97-win seasons and AL Wild Card game appearances.

All 30 teams across Major League Baseball are fully into Spring Training in Arizona and Florida respectively.

Recently ABC7 News caught up with Athletics first baseman Matt Olson.

Here's an excerpt of the conversation.

ABC7's Chris Alvarez: How's spring training going?

Olson: "It's great, always good to get out here and see the guys again, get back to that early morning and getting out on the field, yeah we are having a blast."

Alvarez: There's a lot of buzz around the team, how do you capitalize on this team and talent this year?

Olson: "We know we have it, we know the guys we have in there. Winning back to back years of 97 games doesn't happen by luck and if anything we've gotten better coming into this year. We look at our opportunity, seeing that we've done it. We have the confidence and we are going to go out and do it."

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Alvarez: Rickey Henderson is a big part of this team, what's it like to have a guy like Rickey around?

Olson: Rickey, is great. He was one of those guys that was incredibly talented that he could have gone up there and hit left-handed and been good. You have to pick someone's brain like that and apply what fits."

Alvarez: What was the best thing you did this off-season?

Olson: Lots of weddings this off-season. Had a wedding out here for Ryan Healy, one of our old teammates that's still a good buddy. That was really cool, just being able to hang out with everybody that you can't hang out during the season. Spend time with family, the girlfriend and stuff like that."

Alvarez: Any hobbies, anything that interests you off the baseball field?

Olson: I'm a big golf guy, I like to get out there. Took a couple of golf trips, technically bachelor parties this off-season and played an incredible amount of golf."

Alvarez: Are you any good?

Olson: "I can shoot anywhere between 85 and 120."

Alvarez: Lastly, what defines a successful season for the Oakland A's in 2020.

Olson: World Series, anything else we aren't going to be satisfied."

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