7-year-old boy's special baseball glove missing after Oakland A's game

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Tuesday, August 22, 2023
7-year-old's special baseball glove missing after Oakland A's game
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A 7-year-old boy is desperately looking for help locating his special baseball glove after it went missing from his bag at the Oakland A's game.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A baseball glove that holds many memories for a young boy is missing, and his mom hopes someone hears her son's story and happens to find and return the glove.

Seven-year-old Robert Altman was gifted the glove by his Uncle Joe.

Three months ago, Joe passed away from health issues.

On Saturday Robert brought his glove to the Oakland A's game.

After the Altman family watched the post-game Star Wars themed drone show they walked back to their car and realized Robert's glove was missing from a bag.

Selena Altman, Robert's mom, immediately ran back to the gates.

"Grabbed my wallet and booked it to the front gate and asked security, hey can I please go in and check my seat. They were like, yes let's go, so they walked me in and like the stadium was already pretty cleared out so it was just me and the security guard and we walked toward our seats, and unfortunately it wasn't there so we walked to lost and found to see if someone found it and put it there - and they said it wasn't there," Altman said.

She knew how devastated Robert was going to be.

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"Before I made it to the car, obviously he seen I didn't have it and I just heard the sobs," Altman said.

Altman said it was crushing ride home to San Jose. She posted to social media that night desperate to put the word out that this sentimental glove is missing.

"One of the pictures that I shared is from 2020 when he was being homeschooled doing his phonics on the TV, his glove is on his head because he never put it down," Altman said.

The A's club provided this statement:

"We have been unable to locate the glove inside the ballpark, but we are working with our Stadium Operations team and the facilities team in case it is turned in. We encourage our fans to help spread the word so Robert can be reunited with his special glove."

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