Memorial held for Oakland warehouse fire victims

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A memorial held for the victims of the deadly warehouse fire in Oakland was held nearby as crews continue to clean up near the scene Saturday afternoon.

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Fire and dump trucks have been going to and leaving the warehouse all evening preparing for the clean up and removal of debris.

Crews have removed two missile heads from the building over a two-hour period.

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Officials said the warehouse was being used by musicians and artists.

ABC7 News spoke to people who have been inside who said there was always a lot of clutter, debris, a lot of art work and sculptures.
People have been bringing flowers in memory of the victims. Most have been strangers who stopped by to express their sorrow.

ABC7 News spoke to someone who was missing a friend who was a performer attending the party. Fortunately she was able to find him.

A man who lives a couple of houses away from the warehouse said he didn't see very many people come out at all. "That's what really bothered me is not seeing very many people come out in the way the building was burning, yeah it was scary sight just thinking about the people trapped in there," neighbor Jeff Sirivath said.

The ATF and other law enforcement agencies are working hard to determine the cause of this fire.

Click here to donate and help the the families of the victims. The fund had raised about $50,000 out of its goal of $100,000 as of 4:30 p.m.

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Click here to donate and help the the families of the victims.

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