Oakland residents shaken up after innocent bystander injured in Lake Merritt shooting

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Lake Merritt residents shaken up after bystander hurt in shooting
Oakland residents are shaken up after an innocent bystander was injured in a shooting at Lake Merritt on Labor Day.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oakland police say a shooting between two vehicles on Labor Day left one innocent bystander critically injured while walking her dog with a friend around Lake Merritt, all before 12:30 p.m.

It happened near Madison Street and Lakeside Drive in Oakland.

"Very busy day, lots of people out, lots of shots, obviously no regard for public safety," Capt. Hamann Nguyen, a spokesperson for the Oakland Police Department said.

One day later, police revealed they believe multiple suspects got out of a white car, possibly a Lexus and started firing at what they think was a moving silver Lexus.

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They do not believe people in the silver Lexus returned fire.

"Not a rolling gun battle, one vehicle was still moving," Nguyen said. "The main (white) vehicle had actually pulled over and two or three suspects had gotten out of the vehicle, both vehicles were armed with firearms and actually took fire at the vehicle."

By the time police arrived on scene, both cars were gone, leaving behind a trail of around 30 shell casings.

"When you're talking about three shooters, that could be just a couple of seconds," he said.

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An incident which has shaken up neighbors who frequently walk Lake Merritt.

"It's really disappointing, what's going on, I think in general in Oakland, is disappointing and that's really terrifying and we were actually going to walk the lake yesterday and ended up taking a nap," Maddie Krasno, an Oakland resident said.

Krasno lives near Lake Merritt and walks it regularly with her 3-year-old dog Millie.

"I can imagine how scary that would be, my biggest fear is something happening to her," she said.

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But this incident has caused other regular lake walkers like Christine Harrison to reach a breaking point.

"For us, there's a lot of change that has to happen in Oakland for things to get better but it feels very hopeless at times," Harrison said. "Unfortunately, we're thinking of relocating at some point because we just don't feel safe."

Now, considering a move out of state for protection of her two kids, both under the age of six.

"We love Oakland for the diversity, for the beauty that's here but the crime here is getting so bad," she said. "Just in the middle of the day, I have to worry, like should I be concerned about going for a walk today because random violence could break out and I don't want to live that way, and I don't want my kids to grow up someplace like that."

A verified GoFundMe has been set up to help here.

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