Missing Modesto teens found

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

MODESTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Officials say they found two missing girls from Modesto. Kayla and Stacey Wilson went missing on June 18 and were found on June 21.

Kayla, 13, is described as 5 foot 7 inches, weighing 128 pounds. She has blue eyes, blonde hair, and a fair complexion. She also has a birthmark on her right upper thigh around the size of a quarter. She also has a nose piercing on the right side, double pierced ears, cartilage, and left ear cartilage with an industrial piercing as well.

Stacey is described as 5 foot 3 inches weighing 100 pounds. She has blue eyes and a fair complexion as well. Stacey has brown hair and a belly button piercing with a four leaf clover jewel. She also has the left side of her nose pierced. Stacey also has a scar under the bottom of her chin and has double pierced ears.