People Magazine takes on serious issue of gun violence

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Thursday, October 8, 2015
People Magazine takes on serious issue of gun violence
People Magazine's editorial director is urging people to contact their representatives to do something about gun violence.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A call to action following the Oregon college shooting is coming from an unexpected place. In the next issue of People Magazine there will be more than just the celebrity scoop -- they'll cover the more serious topic of gun violence.

Gun control is a loaded topic and far more heated than any celebrity scandal. But People Magazine's editorial director, Jess Cagle, posted a message on Twitter explaining his decision to weigh in.

He said, "It occurred to me, like Obama said, that everything we were doing was routine. Here's another mass shooting, we're doing the same thing that we always do."

This time around, he's publishing the contact info for all congressional leaders.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Dublin, welcomes the move.

"I only wish they could put the cell phone numbers of all of my Republican colleagues who have thwarted action on this," he said.

People Magazine is taking a more neutral stance. In his video Cagle said, "As a country, we are not doing enough about gun violence."

The publication is not specifically advocating for or against gun control.

"Controlling guns is not the only answer. It may be part of the answer, but it's not the only answer," People Magazine reader Anneline VanDyke said. "I do think that they should be proactive and they should voice their concerns. Their legislator is there to act on behalf of the people and that is their job."

Swalwell said, "90 percent of Americans support background checks."

He went on to add that his office has received a lot of messages following the Oregon shooting, even before People Magazine's call to action.

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