Final preparations underway Oscar Sunday in Hollywood amid protests

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Sunday, March 4, 2018
Final preps underway for Oscars in Hollywood amid protests
When the plastic gets lifted up, exposing the red carpet below, you know it's almost showtime.

LOS ANGELES (KGO) -- When the plastic gets lifted up, exposing the red carpet below, you know it's almost showtime. No detail is too small, down to every tiny nail hammered into the wooden portions of the set. The Swarovski crystals glued to the stage, or the slightest smudge of paint on gold decorations.

The red carpet and show need to look picture perfect for the 225+ countries that tune in each year. The day before the big show, media comes flocking in from around the globe.

"Whatever's happening in the U.S. is really interesting to the rest of the world." says a TV reporter from Spain.

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Peter Ye from EBC news in Taiwan believes the Oscars and the #MeToo movement has helped women empowerment in Asia.

"A lot of new generations want to learn from America. The Oscars are so popular...and people in Taiwan are talking about women's power and we care about that," he said.

The day wasn't without protest. Just outside the red carpet, The National Hispanic Media Coalition, making their voices heard for more Latino representation in Hollywood.

"We make up almost 20 percent of the population and we deserve a seat at the table, we deserve to have our stories told." Said Nilda Muhr, VP of Programs for the NHMC.

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The social statements being made at awards shows not affecting the stars inside... like Michael Strahan, who we saw rehearsing for "Live On The Red Carpet".

Something you don't see on TV, is how the red carpet is divided into three lanes. The one closest to the press is for A-list celebrities. The middle lane for publicists and handlers, and any celebrity who has a pre-determined interview to go to. Otherwise, it's an express lane straight into the theater. The third lane is for

By Sunday, the rehearsal actors will be done strutting their stuff and the velvet ropes all in place. All leading up to the Dolby Theater, and the 90th Oscars ceremony inside.

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