Pacifica's Fog Fest returns this weekend after 2-year pandemic pause

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Friday, September 23, 2022
Pacifica's Fog Fest returns after 2-year pandemic pause
For the first time in two years, due to the pandemic, the Pacific Coast Fog Fest in Pacifica will be back this weekend.

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- For the first time in two years, the Pacific Coast Fog Fest in Pacifica will be back this weekend.

It had been put on hold because of the pandemic.

Fog Fest President James Crowe said that in the past, the festival has drawn over 60,000 people in two days.

"As far as bringing people into the city and putting heads and beds in the hotels and everything, this is a huge event for the community," Crowe said.

The event kicks off Saturday at 10 a.m. with a parade.

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"It's just been a wonderful, silly thing for a bunch of people to do," said Amy Hanley, who has been in the parade since 1996.

She typically decorates a "Groucho mobile" and everybody on the float wears Groucho Marx glasses, complete with a mustache.

"It is such a hometown, wonderful feeling in Pacifica, and it's just a time where we all can enjoy seeing each other," Hanley said. "You see everybody that you know on the street. It's up and down the street of Palmetto. There's bands and it's a wonderful fundraiser for people, and it's always sunny on this particular weekend -- the last weekend of September."

The town typically has Fog Fest at the end of September, hoping there won't be fog then, but instead sun.

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More than 50 local nonprofits benefit from some of the proceeds. The festival has given out over $1 million.

Fog Fest has been going on since 1986.

The fest also has its own special drink called the "Fog Cutter."

"We fill the glass with ice, which is the rocky coast," said Fog Fest Coordinator Kathy Johnson. "We add the rum, which is the crystal clear sky. We add melon liquor, which is the green rolling hills. We add the 7-Up for the spray of the ocean. We add the sweet and sour, for the kiss of the fog, and then we float with a slow gin for our beautiful Pacifica sunsets."

This year, they'll honor healthcare heroes and essential workers.

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