Danville dad creates bulletproof backpack insert to keep kids safe in school shootings

DANVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- Back to school means backpacks, but what if you could make that backpack bulletproof?

A Danville dad and tactical gear expert invented what he calls the "pak protect."

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"You take your backpack... yes school or business backpack and you slide it in to the back. Your books and computer would go on top of it, then you zip it up and you're good to go," said Matt Materazo.

Materazo is the founder of a company that creates protective gear for law enforcement and the military.

After the Parkland Florida shooting last year, Materazo kicked into dad mode and talked to his teenage son and daughter about using their backpack as a shield.

"The idea of having to put a product like this in my kid's backpack is very difficult for me, but it got to the point where, given the environment we're in, I thought it was necessary," he said.

This summer, he had this pak protect plate manufactured. He's selling them for $129.

The 11-by-14 inch plate weighs 18 ounces and is made with special polyethylene that's 15 times stronger than steel.

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The plate could protect a student against knives, handgun and shotgun rounds. A thicker, heavier plate to protect against assault rifles will be released this fall.

If there's an incident at school, the backpack could literally protect a student's back if running from a shooter. If hiding in a classroom, it could be used as shield.

Parents seemed interested in the idea. Older kids indicated they wouldn't likely get one.

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"It's obviously a good idea, especially with all the shootings that have been happening. But it also shows how big of a problem that is," said college student Nathan Peers.

The website just launched Monday and there are already 500 orders.
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