'Heart is broken': Small Marin Co. town reacts after resident killed in Tahoe avalanche

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Friday, January 12, 2024
Small Marin Co. town reacts after resident killed in Tahoe avalanche
The town of Point Reyes Station is reacting with sadness to the death of Kenneth Kidd, who was was caught in an avalanche at Palisades Tahoe resort.

POINT REYES STATION, Calif. (KGO) -- In the North Bay, a small town in Marin County is reacting with sadness to the death of one of their own. Kenneth Kidd, 66, was a resident of Truckee and Point Reyes Station. He was tragically caught in Wednesday's avalanche. His friends say he loved skiing.

"He was a good man, my heart is broken and my heart is breaking for his family," said Melanie Hawk.

Hawk says her friend, Kenneth Kidd and his wife split their time between the small town charm of Point Reyes Station and the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe.

He loved skiing - they were up there all the time, I'm pretty sure the trail just opened and he probably wanted to be the first," Hawk added.

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Officials say Kidd was caught in an avalanche as wide as half a football field on the KT-22 run at Palisades Tahoe Wednesday morning. Hawk says Kidd had recently retired and was living his best life.

"He was a good listener. He loved his family, good advice giver but not a man of many words," she said.

In this town of about 848 people, news of Kidd's death has been the talk and it's now hitting home for many.

Susan Rowsell is Kidd's neighbor - she owns Pt. Reyes Arabian Adventures, horseback trail rides.

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A Santa Cruz man who was snowboarding at the Palisades Tahoe ski resort on Wednesday says he and his friend missed the deadly avalanche my minutes.

"I'm just so shocked, I saw it on the TV this morning, I didn't realize it was him, I'm so sad, we've been neighbors for 20 years, he's always been a wonderful neighbor, I'm devastated it happened," said Rowsell.

Garrett Mason was reacting to Kidd's passing, he owns Point Reyes Surf Shop, but he's also spent time on the slopes.

"I've been caught in avalanches, I know what it's like to get swallowed up and dug out, very scary," Mason said.

The Kidd Family is requesting privacy.

"My heart goes out to the family it's sad, sorry for their loss," said Rowsell.

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