Paralyzed kitten finds family with other special needs cats

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Thursday, January 7, 2016
Paralyzed cat gets a new home
A paralyzed kitten in South Dakota has a new family and a new lease on life.

BLACK HAWK, SD -- A paralyzed kitten in South Dakota has found a home where she can thrive with other special needs cats.

The story of "Fury" begins around Halloween when she was brought in to a rescue group, barely hanging on for life. She was nursed back to health and people raised money for her to get a wheelchair.

And then she got a new family that has other special needs cats.

Shanna Miller, the cat's new owner, outfits Fury with custom diapers with a hole cut for the cat's tail.

Miller says she doesn't mind. "I have a big heart for handicapped animals," she told station KOTA. "I want to go to school and work with handicapped kids. But I have too many kids myself right now to go to school. I just saw her on Facebook, your guys' news story, and I was like, 'I want that cat'."

KOTA reports Fury is receiving free chiropractic treatment twice a week while she adapts to her disability.