Drawing Hope: Illustrator volunteers to sketch homes lost in California wildfires

ByJason Beal Localish logo
Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Illustrator memorializes homes lost in California wildfires
Meg Adler is helping victims of California wildfires deal with the loss of their homes by memorializing them in a sketch.

PIEDMONT, Calif. -- Meg Adler illustrates as a hobby. When a friend approached her about commissioning a drawing of a home that burned down in a wildfire, she got the idea to make herself available to anyone interested in commemorating their lost homes, free of charge.

Alex Hencken reached out to Meg about getting a drawing of her family's 60-year-old South Lake Tahoe cabin that burned down in the Caldor Fire. Alex wanted to surprise her dad and grandma with the framed picture, as something they can use to memorialize the memory of the family cabin.

Meg hopes that what she's doing will inspire others to "pay it forward" and help those in need, in any way they can.