Black lab is allergic to humans

INDIANAPOLIS (KGO) -- Many people are allergic to animals, but a shelter in the Midwest is trying to help a dog that is allergic to people.

Robin Herman says she took in Adam, a black Lab, at her dog rescue in Indianapolis back in June.

Herman fed Adam top-of-the-line food, got rid of fleas and slowly nursed him to better health.

When he wasn't getting as healthy as she'd hoped, she brought him in to the vet.

Blood tests revealed Adam is allergic to human dander, much like how people react to pet dander.

"The vet seems to think that we can fix him. They just put a serum together, just like with kids' allergies and other dogs' allergies, and he starts on allergy shots this week," Herman said.

Herman says Adam is a smart, affectionate dog, just like any other puppy.

She says she will keep raising money for his treatment and won't stop until he is better.
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