7 things learned at the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention

PHILADELPHIA (KGO) -- Now that the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention are over the question is - what did we learn from them?

We set out with a dry erase board and a pen to find out. We strolled the streets where our founding fathers walked and asked people what they learned from the conventions in seven words or less.

  • Tyler from Kentucky: "We're truly great when we all work together."
  • Alexander Hunter from Baytown, Texas: "What I learned from the convention is that our election was rigged."
  • Omari from Chicago: "History will happen, January of 2017."
  • Jeff from Philadelphia: "I made some great new friends this week."
  • Kyle Cox from Indiana: "It's all about the Supreme Court, y'all."
  • Ruth Hardy from Middlebury, Vermont: "I'm proud to be here at this historic and inspiring event, proud for my three children and for my grandmother and for my feminist great aunt."

We know, that last one was more than seven words. Hardy said, "I know, I can't do it in seven words, it's just too exciting and too much!"

Our final thoughts and the final seventh item - Cleveland is cool and Philly is fabulous. But after two weeks, we can't wait to come home to the Bay Area. We'll see you soon.

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