U.S. Ambassador speaks to ABC7 From New Zealand

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- America's top diplomat in New Zealand spoke with ABC7 News and described how the terror attack has shaken the longtime, U.S. ally.

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Ambassador Scott Brown said he has visited Christchurch on numerous occasions. Brown shared how Christchurch is still recovering in many ways from a catastrophic earthquake that struck in 2011. That disaster killed at least 185 people and injured more than 1,500 others.

Brown noted that many immigrants have flocked to Christchurch following the earthquake. Many of them have worked rebuilding thousands of homes and other buildings that were destroyed or heavily damaged.

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Brown also explained how the United States has been assisting its longtime ally since dozens were killed in the attack on 2, different mosques. A friendly relationship began nearly 200 years ago between the United States and New Zealand. Both countries have been longtime trading partners.

The U.S. also entered into a strategic, military alliance with New Zealand and neighboring Australia in 1951. Troops from both New Zealand and Australia have served alongside U.S. forces worldwide going back to at least World War II, including in Afghanistan.
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