Pacifica police sorting through details of mysterious call

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- Pacifica police responded to a possibly violent situation in a quiet neighborhood at 6:50am on Friday. They put a call out to other police agencies for a possible kidnapping involving a gun.

But a woman who lives in the home where this happened on Manzanita Drive said she thinks it was an attempted break-in at her home. She does not think it was a kidnapping.

"I heard a boom boom boom. I came out, someone tried to run me over. I believe she was driving and someone named Ryan was jumping into the passenger side," she told us.

Our ABC7 News photographer found a handwritten list at the scene. It looked like a list of things to steal, written by someone familiar with the home. The list included "his tools," "dirtbikes" and "pills." A gun and its location in the home were also on the list. Police took the piece of paper into evidence.

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The surveillance camera outside the home was disabled and a truck parked out front had a window busted out.

Neighbors say early Friday morning, the street was full of police cars.

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"There were four cars here and police were going up and down canvassing, asking if anyone had film from surveillance cameras, if anyone heard anything," said Jim Steele who lives across the street.

He says the couple who lives in the home where this disturbance happened has never caused any issues. He says they also have an adult son.

"I've heard yelling, but nothing that would make me afraid. To see yellow tape was kind of disconcerting," he said.

Police later said they had found the two people involved and that they are safe. They did not release any other details.
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