San Francisco police to start using non-lethal BolaWrap restraint tool

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Thursday, June 6, 2024
SFPD to start using non-lethal BolaWrap restraint tool
San Francisco Police Department will soon start using the BolaWrap non-lethal restraint tool.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A new tool, described as "flying handcuffs," will soon be used by San Francisco police.

ABC7 News first demonstrated the BolaWrap last fall.

It shoots out a seven-and-a-half-foot cord that wraps around a person with two anchors that replicate fishing hooks.

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San Francisco police may consider using BolaWrap, a remote-restraint device that works as a lasso tool to restrain non-violent suspects.

It's a non-lethal alternative to tasers, guns, or batons.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that specially trained San Francisco police officers will be equipped with the lasso-like restraint tool in the coming months.

The makers of BolaWrap say it's used by more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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