Elections 2020: What independent voters need to know about the March 3 Primary

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Thursday, February 6, 2020
What independent voters need to know about the March 3 Primary
In order to vote in the presidential primary on March 3, you must choose a party preference.

If you get a postcard in the mail from your registrar of voters, don't ignore it!

It means you're currently registered to vote as "no party preference."

Not registering with a party means you won't be able to vote for a presidential candidate in the March 3 primary election... unless you take action.

So, here's what you do:

First- decide which primary you want to vote in.

On the back of the postcard, you can select one of these options:

American independent, Democratic or Libertarian.

Check the one you want - put it in the mail - and you'll then get a ballot for the party you selected.

But what if you want a ballot for the Republican party, or the Green or Peace and Freedom parties?

You'll notice, those parties are not listed on the postcard.

To vote in those primaries - those parties require you to re-register by Feb. 18, if you want to vote by mail.

You'll want to make your decision soon- vote by mail voters can send in their ballots starting Feb. 3.

If you don't send out this postcard in time, you can still pick which ballot you want, but you'll have to do it in person at your local voting center.

No party preference voters who do not mail back the postcard will be mailed a non-partisan ballot. It will not have any presidential candidates listed.

You can still request a Democratic, American Independent or Libertarian ballot from their County Registrar by phone, email or fax.

Don't forget, the California primary is on March 3.