Preschool employee under investigation in Lafayette

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ByAmy Hollyfield KGO logo
Thursday, March 5, 2015

LAFAYETTE, Calif. (KGO) -- Parents at an East Bay preschool received and alarming email this week. The email from the school at Temple Isaiah says there is an investigation underway that involves possible "inappropriate conduct" by an employee with a preschool child.

The employee is not allowed to be on campus while the investigation takes place. The school email told parents that the Lafayette Police Department is investigating the allegations. School administrators say this is receiving the highest level of their attention.

One mother told ABC7 News she is very concerned but she wants to remain anonymous. Other parents refused to comment. The employee has been placed on leave and the school says it reacted quickly. In the statement to parents, Temple Isaiah said,

"We take the allegation very seriously, but it is important to understand that the investigation is in the very preliminary stages; no charges have been filed. We ask that all of you respect the ongoing process and refrain from speculation or spreading unfounded rumors."

The school did not name the employee or say the gender of the child in question whose parents went to police.