Pres. Biden, Florida Gov. DeSantis to hold dueling fundraisers this week in Silicon Valley

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Monday, June 19, 2023
Biden, DeSantis hold dueling fundraisers this week in Silicon Valley
President Joe Biden and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will hold dueling fundraisers this week in Silicon Valley.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A surprise in the skies over Marin County Friday as military aircraft flew maneuvers near Larkspur ahead of President Joe Biden's visit to the Bay Area.

On Monday, the president will visit the Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Interpretive Center and Preserve in Palo Alto where he'll announce $600 million in new investments for climate projects.

"What the president is going to do is emphasize climate change and what the Biden administration has been doing around green jobs it's a victory lap," said political science Professor David McCuan from Sonoma State University.

Next, Biden will reportedly head to private fundraisers, one in Los Gatos at the home of Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott, another in Atherton at venture capitalist Steve Westley's home, where $6,600 will get you in the door.

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Republican candidate, Florida Gov. Ron Desantis will be in nearby Woodside for his own fundraiser.

"When he actually holds his fundraiser, he'll only be a couple of miles from where the President of the United States is holding his fundraiser roughly at the same time," said McCuan.

Earlier in the day, Desantis will be in the state capitol.

"He's making a point to fly into Sacramento, where three dozen migrants were sent a few weeks ago," McCuan said.

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Both Desantis and Biden know networking among donors is everything on the campaign trail.

"They have to come and punch their ticket here, raise money and meet the influentials because it's that network effect that's as important as anything else," McCuan said.

And there's no time to lose, the end of the fundraising quarter is June 30, Teddy Schleifer from Puck News says that deadline matters.

"The numbers get looked at, they try to show strength every dollar you get can show you had a strong second quarter," Schleifer said.

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But will all the fundraising be enough to surpass Trump - the former president who has only gained support despite efforts to impeach and indict him.

"The elephant in the room is clearly Donald Trump, he'll remain the one everyone wants to talk about maybe dances around," McCuan said.

On Tuesday, Biden Will reportedly be in Marin County to attend a fundraiser with tech and climate entrepreneurs. Governor Gavin Newsom is reportedly on the guest list.

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