Thousands attend pro-impeachment rallies in the Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- On the eve of an impeachment vote, protesters across the country rallied in support of ousting President trump from office.

Rallies took place all over the Bay Area Tuesday night including Palo Alto, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Federal Building at 7th Street and Mission Street, where a band covered classic rock songs with impeach Trump lyrics. The crowd then marched through downtown streets, briefly shutting down 7th Street, on their way to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Kamala Harris' offices.

People dressed up as founding fathers, Uncle Sam and even a feather-headed version of President Trump.

"He's a delusional, corrupt, racist, traitor, fraud, nutcase. It's dangerous to this country," said Anthony Maciey, who wore a crown of yellow feathers.

Maciey, who lives in San Ramon, says he's already feeling resentful of the Senate, "The moment they do as they're promising, which is to vote to acquit, then they're enabling any president of the United States to engage a foreign government to prevent fair elections."

Others rallied to send a message to Washington, and their own families.

"We're standing up to make sure Donald Trump leaves office because we have to stand up for the rights of children, to keep families together, and to protect our environment, and to make sure the presidency protects all Americans, not just Trump's personal gain," said Natalie Bridgeman Fields who came to the rally with her husband and three small children.

While the pro-impeachment crowd marched through downtown San Francisco, many Republicans stood their ground against impeachment.

"I think it's very divisive, I think it's very unfortunate, and it's going to be regrettable," said John Dennis, chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party. "I think Nancy Pelosi is going to regret the day that she did this."

Dennis is also running against Speaker Pelosi next year for her seat in the House.

"What's going to happen now moving forward, is that as soon as someone gets elected, the other side is going to plot their impeachment. It's a terrible precedent to set," Dennis said.
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