Queen Elizabeth's Christmas Day address causes controversy

Every year Queen Elizabeth delivers her annual Christmas Day address, but this year's address is creating some online controversy.

The queen delivered her speech on Christmas Day in a luxurious room inside Buckingham Palace.

And in the background, there was a gold plated piano.

Some critics in the UK are now saying the lavish setting makes the queen seem out of touch.

Others though are now coming to the queen's defense.

One said "She's the Queen. You want her in Santa pajamas, drinking cocoa?"

Another was a little more snarky.

"Oh no, they're going to find out the Queen is a wealthy hereditary monarch."

And "Good Morning Britain" host Susanna Reid summed it up saying, "She's the Queen. She has many Palaces. And staff. And have you seen her crown? She's not 'one of us' and yet she brings us all together."
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