'Something good': Marin Co. kids push back against anti-Semitic flyers with messages of love

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Friday, August 4, 2023
Marin Co. kids push back against racist flyers with messages of love
Friends from Marin County are creating their own messages of love and acceptance after a string of anti-Semitic flyers litter neighborhoods.

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- In the North Bay, one neighborhood is reacting and pushing back against racist flyers that were left on doorsteps earlier this week. The flyers contained anti-Semitic language. The kids are now turning the hate speech around by creating their own messages of love and acceptance.

These friends say it all began with a blank piece of paper sparked by an ugly neighborhood incident.

"It made me feel super sad. Why would someone do that?" said 10-year-old Ella Shirley.

Recently racist flyers were left on doorsteps in Corte Madera and Larkspur. The Shirley family's own security camera caught one of the flyers landing in their driveway last Saturday night, tossed from a passing car.

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"I felt really bad. Why would someone want to do that? That's really mean and sad," said 10-year-old Amity Reid.

Amity, her sister Keira and friend Ella were so upset, they decided to push back with multi-colored markers.

"We decided we were going to make flyers that were kind of like the opposite of what they were saying. Instead of spreading that bad message, we did something to spread a good message," Amity said.

"We wanted to make a difference," Ella said.

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The girls created poster after poster with positive words and images.

The girls then took to the streets, canvasing the same neighborhoods where these racist flyers were left.

They even reached out to neighbors. The girls' parents are proud of what they did.

"I have to say I was darn proud, yes," said parent Tom Reid.

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"It's a learning opportunity. The kids get to turn it around and show love for the neighbors who received these," said parent Mark Shirley.

Authorities are investigating. In a statement, Central Marin police said it "does not condone, nor tolerate, any form of hate speech. An informational report will be sent to the Marin County District Attorney's Office regarding this hate incident."

In the meantime, the girls plan to take their poster campaign to other areas to spread some joy this summer.

"I felt I was doing something good for the world," Amity said.

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